Monday, September 15, 2008

More of the Scott Method for Organizing Your Desk

Here are more steps for organizing your desk:

5. If you have lots of reading books, put some away in the classroom or take them back to the library.

6. Open your pencil box. Throw away trash (crayon covers, broken pencils.)

If you have extra crayons or pens or markers then get a ziploc bag to store the extras at school. Ask your teacher where you should store them at school. Or, you might take the extras home.

7. Now, put reading books and your pencil box in the empty side of your desk.

8. Look through your folders or binders and rearrange any folded, crumpled or loose papers.

Look through your binder(s) and make sure papers are put away in the right subject areas.

9. If you have a large ruler, put it in the front of your desk, in the pencil tray.

10. Make sure you have two sharpened pencils in your pencil tray (inside your desk, in the front.)

Have Extra Time?

1. Go through your backpack. Throw away unnecessary papers, pencils. Shake out crumbs and dirt over the trashcan or outside.

2. Sharpen your pencils and colored pencils.

I walked into an elementary classroom last week and one smart teacher was already having the whole class clean out their desks at one time; it was messy but very necessary and everyone was participating!

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