Sunday, September 21, 2008

e-friendly crafts

Looking for some environmentally-friendly fine motor ideas for younger students? Here are two contributions from a preschooler-friend, Cameron the Creative.

Scrounge around your home and classrooms for colorful scraps and objects to use in "abstract" art designs. When you send home these treasures, be sure to attach a little note about the great scissor use and bilateral skills your students practiced while having fun. Be cautious about the possibility of a student accidentally swallowing small objects and err on the side of safety.

Top photo features a functional scissors grasp modeled by a kindergarten-aged student.


Karen said...

i actually do keep up with your blog on my RSS feed, im just bad about commenting. I really liked this most recent one about abstract art because that's something I really try to promote - making something out of nothing, just for the fun of it! Creativity is so important for abstract though, ideation, etc.

Loving your pictures/posts!

Beth said...

Cameron the Creative might just have his own craft blog someday!

I love using the old cd's. I've strung a row of them and hung from the ceiling (taping 2 together using double sided tape with the string running between). They are great sun catchers, throwing colors around the room. They also make great accordian book covers.

It's nice to see another "OT in the schools blog"...great stuff!