Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spin Some Beautiful Decorations for Spring

Our highschoolers with autism created some lovely decorations for prettying up their classrooms:

You'll need small pieces of paper, some paper clips or poster tack, washable paint and a salad spinner.
After you clip or stick your paper inside the spinner, add some paint and a few marbles or similar objects.  See if your students can figure out how to place the lid on the spinner--possibly a challenging task?

Some spinners have a knob to grasp for spinning round and round, but this one has a plunger.  It takes quite a bit of force to get it going and, with the marbles we placed inside to make the paint fling around, it gets noisy and provides
a lot of vibration. 

Why is the pencil being held at the base of the plunger?  Because, otherwise, the plunger kept getting stuck in
the down position--grrrrr!

Sometimes the paint spread in a splatter and sometimes it looked more like thick streaks of color.

It will take several hours for the paint to dry before we can string the pieces to make a garland. 
The rectangular pieces will be cut into egg shapes before stringing.

Each trial was different, making the activity all the more interesting.
This activity provided opportunities to practice:
  Fine pinch to use the paperclips
  Practicing use of augmentative communication for choosing which shapes and colors to use
  Tolerance of paint smell and texture
  Maintaining grasp on plunger and using sufficient force to press it down

We're on Spring Break next week--yippee!   I'll be remembering Good Friday and looking for the glory on Easter morning!

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