Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Feeding our Feathered Friends

There are some real cute little trees right outside the window of one of my middle school classes for students with significant cognitive disabilities, just perfect for hanging easy-peasy-to-make treats for our feathered friends.

Large-ish pine cones, lovingly gathered from my driveway by long-suffering Uncle Grumpy, hay bale twine collected by the same kind man, bird seed from my stash and from our speech-language pathologist and a tub of Crisco.  We're ready to tie, spread, roll and hang 'em high.

Figure out how long the length of twine needs to be--several turns around the pine cone plus enough to hang over a branch.

Some students were okay with the sharp feel of the pine cone and some consistently pulled away.

Pine cones are ready.

Cookie pan with a mix of bird seed.

Scoop out big clumps of Crisco and spread it all around the pan. Use your device to describe what you're using.

Rolled in shortening and then the seed.

Some folks can roll like lightning!
Some students could only roll a second or two, then gather up their courage to touch the materials again.

All unique!

Bet this will be gone by tomorrow.

After and before.  We're not quite sure, but the pine cone on the left may be from last winter...

Word of caution:  One of our staff members started having allergy symptoms immediately upon touching the pine cones and hay twine.  She had no idea it was going to happen.  Check the allergy alerts of your students and know the plan for what to do if someone starts having a reaction. 
Keep it safe out there!

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