Friday, December 16, 2016

Holiday Sensory Book

Oops--almost forgot to post the photos of our group of middle schoolers making Holiday Sensory Books this past week!
I did not have a real gingerbread boy at home so I made a zombie gingerbread boy for my sample.
During the activity we made sure we talked about:

  • How the material felt (scratchy evergreen needles)
  • What our eyes saw  (shiny wrapped candy canes)
  • What we smelled as we worked on the project (ginger, pine)
Many of our students benefit from hand-over-hand assistance, to use the materials safely and to sometimes even reach/grasp the items.
It takes a lot of deep pressure to make sure the gingerbread boy is firmly glued to the page.

Our SLP not only spent loads of time creating the pages for the iPads but also in making the 2" gingerbread cookies.  And, they were equally as tasty as the ones my mom used to make!

Couldn't keep the adults in the group from adding some bling!

After the glue and scribble paint dries, the pages can be cut apart and made into a flip book.

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