Thursday, September 1, 2016

Back to Work--Reality is Setting In

First back-to-work day today--yikes, what a change in environment!  Yesterday I was taking photos of a friend's beautiful, lush flowers on her patio and discussing the merits of the too-close-for-comfort bees...
...and today I was listening to orientation from my supervisor and preparing my outline for topics to review with one of the new OTs on our staff.  I wouldn't have money to buy gas for the car and enjoy visiting spots around beautiful RVA with friends if I didn't earn money, right?  Right.

Whether you're planning to lounge in the delights of your own backyard, or squeeze in one more trip to the beach, enjoy your Labor Day on Monday and be ready to hit it hard when the students come back to school on Tuesday.  I'll be right there with ya.
Nags Head, NC--Photo by G. Collier 2015

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