Monday, May 16, 2016

What Do You Eat When You Go Camping?

Hmmmmm.... what might it be?  Here's a visual clue:
Did you guess correctly?  Yep, it's s'mores!!!

My SLP buddy assigned one student be the "teacher" and use her augmentative communication device/software to guide her classmates in the steps for making s'mores.  They were a big hit!  My colleague was able to elicit lots of language and I was able to observe a variety of grasp patterns and note different students' reaction to the materials used.  Most of these high schoolers in a program for students with autism guessed what we were making right away.

We worked with two students at a time--one was the "teacher" giving directions and one was the cook/baker.
Unique grasp of the spoon, eh?

Note the interesting "backhand" method of emptying the spoon.

A few minutes on bake, then we switched it to broil for a minute.  Students caught on to asking for the "spatula."
One student preferred a non-baked s'more, since the marshmallows and chocolate became sticky when heated.
We added a graham cracker to the top once the s'mores came out of the oven, but let them cool for a few minutes before gobbling them up.

Marshmallow first on the graham cracker, then chocolate chips.  Did you know that some chips are processed in plants where nuts are also processed?


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