Friday, April 29, 2016

Adapted Mother's Day Card

Although Mother's Day won't be for another week I swooped up this card today, created by the stationers at one of my high schools.  These students in a program for students with autism have been making and selling seasonal cards during this school year, to practice fine motor, decision-making, sequence following and entrepreneurship!

An "adapted" card?  Well, it was originally designed for a mom of a human child and I needed it to reflect a mom of a sweet puppy.  So--just add one more custom cut-out; easy-peasy.

As time goes on I find out about more and more classes for students in special education who use in-school businesses to learn and practice academic and vocational skills--making artisan soaps, sugar scrubs, fancy coffees, potato bars, wreaths, dog grooming.  What about your schools?

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