Thursday, March 5, 2015

Concentrating at Work

Recently I discovered how using background music or nature sounds can help regulate my tolerance for aversive noise at home and work.  I have a favorite "waves on the beach" YouTube clip for times when I'm writing reports and have just begun using Coffitivity for those times at home when my DH is enjoying his meal, with relish.

After 37 years of trying to talk myself into not minding the sounds of others' chewing, slurping and other "mouth" sounds I have been testing the effectiveness of keeping a portable device nearby during meals and pressing the Play button for background noise.  If I adjust the volume low enough my DH doesn't even hear it.  Now that I think about it I realize that I could cue up an oldies country radio station, or playlist on my device, to have at the ready; we could both enjoy my musical auditory screen during mealtimes. Using music to enhance self regulation and improve interpersonal relationships--sounds like a client-centered OT strategy to me.

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