Monday, September 15, 2014 blog and the benefits of volunteering

I am the recycled reading material recipient for my good PT buddy at work.  Tonight I read in an old Better Homes and Gardens about this organization:

It's an attractive blog, visually, with it's plain text and b/w photos.  What's in it is even more interesting--the adventures of a middle-class family volunteering with a huge variety of service organizations.  Made me think about disconnected pre-teens and full-fledged teens who become somewhat human again while camping or hiking in the mountains, after their initial withdrawal from the grid.  Volunteering with folks less fortunate than ourselves is definitely off the grid.

Maybe some of our students and their families might try out selected service organizations.  The interesting feature of this blog is that the family works with many different organizations over time--it's engaging and the landscape is always changing.  Maybe some of our students in the schools might become interested in a particular opportunity and want to stick with it.

I think it's likely that each of us would increase skills of all types by volunteering on a consistent basis. Taking the time to volunteer exhausts me; yet, I can feel my brain synapses sparking as a result.

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