Sunday, June 8, 2014

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Activities

This year I've had so many students with atrocious grasps--what to do?
My usual strategies for fine motor improvement help a little, but my personal exercise program since January has reminded me of the need to incorporate strengthening activities into my treatment approach.
Warm Up--Upper body weight bearing over a stable surface.
Most young students will not be able to achieve a full plank position, although I've worked with a young girl taking gymnastics and she's incredibly steady.  My goal is to get them to weight-bear through their hands to develop the arches for better grasp.  We start out counting out loud for 10 seconds and I stand real close in case they start sliding away.

This second grader isn't too crazy about using a pencil.  I know adults who hold their pencils, pens like this but I'm just doing a trial run to see if she can develop a more efficient grasp, one that gives her more control of where the pencil is heading and doesn't cramp her fingers after she writes for just a few minutes.

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