Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pumpkin Cloud Dough

Well, this recipe wasn't exactly cloudy, or doughy, but it still was fun to make:

Pumpkin-Scented Cloud Dough Recipe

The students explored a batch of pre-made cloud dough, then followed the directions to make their own.
Most of the students seemed to enjoy exploring the texture of the dough, which was very silky.

 Of course, we tried to form turkey and pumpkin shapes out of the dough.  But, they quickly fell apart.
 The two batches of dough had slightly different textures.  One hard-working teacher ground up orange chalk to add to the dough, to make it more vibrant orange. 
Yes, yes..the poor students had to answer a worksheet.  That's a pink bingo dauber, which requires almost zero pressure to make a mark.

I really did try to make the dough smell like pumpkin pie (cinnamon and nutmeg were added in abundance) but it sorta just smelled like flour.  Boring!

Just checked the blog where this recipe originated--they changed the mixture slightly.  More oil.  Here's a variation for the upcoming season:
Peppermint Scented Cloud Dough

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