Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Recycled Placemats Make Great Egg Templates

 We started making our matching eggs memory game by cutting ovals from out-of-style placemats.  These were the templates for helping us cut other egg shapes from construction paper.
 Which words to use???  Just look around the classroom for inspiration.
 We traced around our egg templates to cut out construction paper eggs. Then we chose various designs to decorate them.

 Decorations on one side and words on the other; we made about five pair to start the memory game.
 The students have much better memories than I do...
 Great opportunity to practice game playing "etiquette."
 When the game got too easy we made more matching eggs.
After I lost several times we used the words to practice keyboarding.  We finished up by taping the eggs to the classroom bulletin board.

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