Friday, March 9, 2012

Getting ready for VCU to win!

 Our hometown team is getting ready to show their stuff again--time to make a banner to discuss all the emotions the players might be feeling during the coming weeks.
 The cutting lines were about two feet long, so some students needed a little grown-up help to stabilize the 12" ruler at different points along the way.
 If the lines end up kinda wavy, it'll just make the banner more interesting.
 The first two lines were fairly easy to cut, but it became more difficult as we cut more lines and the paper was less stable.
 Even though students make woven crafts starting in early preschool, it's still tricky when the paper is so long(about 2' x 3').
 Cutting more weaving strips.
 We set the yellow paper up vertically to make the students work against gravity and see things from a different perspective.

Securing the ends with tape rolls is essential.

Next step--finding newspaper clippings of the VCU players showing different emotions.

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