Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coffee Lid Happy Face

This morning I threw away the non-recycleable lid from my empty coffee can, got inspired, and quickly retrieved it from the trash can.  What was I thinking???

The bright yellow lid turned into a big happy face, once we added the mouth, nose, eyes and eyebrows.  Each time the bell rang on my timer (every 3-5 minutes) the student received one part of their happy face, if s/he was working hard with smart fingers and paying attention to his/her work.  Some students could even roll the painter's tape into a circle in order to stick the facial features onto the yellow background.

Nice change from simply drawing a smiley face on a sheet of scrap paper.

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Anonymous said...

What a cute idea and I love the recycling aspect---we OT's have been "green" from the beginning! I have blog in collaboration with an ESE teacher and SLP were we share our group activities. Please check us out at