Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't Sweat the Details

Letterboxing continued today--we traveled to the school library and office. It was a wild time--hey, it's Monday--but the students were able to follow the visual cues/text with help from the speech-language pathologist and the other two adults. The first group of students was 1 on 1, a staff person for each student. The second group was one student and two adults, yet it was the tougher group.

Here's our story:

 Stopping in the hallway to check our directions one more time.
 The letterbox kit was hiding behind the statue at the library check-out desk.
 We sat at a table in the library and did our stamping.
 Some students were lightning fast with their stamps.
 On to the next location.
 Exiting library security.

We were a little noisy in the office, having too much fun, so we did our stamping out in the hallway.
The single student in our second group was able to do her stamping inside the office.  All was going well, until the confusing occupational therapist asked the student to put the office logo stamp back in the bag and seal the bag real tight. 
Oops--we hadn't finished our stamping yet so I opened up the sealed bag...
...and then the student looked straight in my face, with an expression of horror for me having done something out of the proper sequence, and she started SCREAMING.

I'm never going to do that to a student again.

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