Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jazz up those paper Christmas trees

Well, there is a 100% probability of snow for central VA tomorrow, so this may be the last post until January 2011! 
This is for those poor, long-suffering OTRs and COTAs who work in non-snowed-in areas and need some fine motor activities until their holiday break begins.  (We Virginians will be home, drinking hot cocoa and thinking warm thoughts about all you hard-working folks.)Create the punched hole garlands by cutting thin strips of construction paper (about 3/4-1" wide) and then punch holes along the length of the strips.  Following this, trim away as much of the border as possible so you're left with a narrow strip of hole-ridden paper. 
Be ready to offer lots of encouragement to students who are unaccustomed to using a hole punch--it can be quite fatiguing and frustrating.  You might take turns to keep the motivation rolling along.

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