Saturday, July 3, 2010

Creative Juices Keep Flowing in the Summer

Just because we're not working 8 hrs a day in the schools during the summer doesn't mean our creative wheels aren't cranking.  We had a "meet the in-laws" dinner last night so I actually broke down and bought flowers to dress up the house.  Since I haven't been watering my own flowers there's nothing to pick in my gardens!

Here are some photos of the arrangements I made from $5 work of daisies purchased at Wal-Mart.  My friend, Joan, had given me a milk tote and bottles from her mom so that's what you see in the photo.  Made an accompanying arrangement by putting blue marbles in a blue-tinted Ball jar and also used my hot glue "machine" to attach strips of ribbon around candles.  Didn't like how the ribbon looked at first so I just peeled it off and tried it again at a different height on the candles.

When school starts up again in the fall maybe some of my teachers would like to create a new classroom "job" for students--arranging flowers in non-breakable containers.  It will be a great eye-hand coordination activity that is sure to elicit lots of compliments from classroom visitors. 

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