Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Handwriting Ideas

Wikki Stix are so great.  If you want to firmly plant letter formation on your student's brain map, use a variety of materials with which they can form letters.  In addition to the Wikki Stix, try using cut-up plastic straws, blunt-end toothpicks or even tiny pegs from those DLM sets tucked far away in your department's supply cabinet.  Try using a wide loop of masking tape, placed on the table, as a "fence" to keep the runaway toothpicks or pegs securely in place as your student forms letters.  Begin with "tracing" the written letters with your chosen manipulatives, then take away the guide letters and have them form them without a visual cue.

Be sure to let me know what new manipulatives work for you! 


tonya said...

I love wikki stix too. It incorporates both the 2D and 3D of visual perception.

E said...

Wikistix have only recently become available in my country and I'm loving them! There is also a great book full of ideas of things to do with them on yourtherapysource.com