Sunday, October 19, 2008

"P" is for Pizza!

Sure, in October, "P" is for Pumpkin, but pizza is everyone's favorite. One of my imaginative kindergarten teachers had prepared this arrival activity one morning last week and I fell in love with it. She pre-cut the paper-plate quarters, plus 3" x 5" rectangles of assorted "pizza topping" colors and set them in orderly piles. The students fashioned mini pepperoni circles, cheese and green pepper strips and mushroom-ish shapes, then glued them onto the pizza crust (brown crayon colored edges) and tomato base (red crayon colored centers).
As the activity progressed, the teacher commented on the variety of student designs: "Look how she has cut her yellow paper in tiny, little strips to make skinny cheese on her pizza." "Oh, here's someone who likes the same thing I do on my pizza--look at all those grey mushrooms he put on his pizza." She even pointed out the different approaches taken by students in organizing the project: "I want you all to come over to this table and see how he has cut all his cheese strips and put them in one pile, all his pepperoni circles and put them in another pile--he's all ready to make his pizza."
Each one was different and they were all take-home worthy!

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Fiona said...

This is such a great activity! The best thing about it is that there are no prescribed rules about which toppings go where - everyone can be an individual...